Thursday, May 22, 2014

For the love of Becky

Sometimes, life is hard. Our cousin is treading some difficult ground. On one of her visits, she sat wrapped in a very flawed quilt I made. Her words shocked me and set things in motion: "I should commission a quilt from you." Stitching for someone is like infusing love into every stitch. I knew she would love these colors. The original center was very different from the final one. I did a lot of unpicking and growling. It wasn't for naught though.  These are the best pinwheels I've ever made and the new center piece was definitely better. Life is flawed just like the quilt, but life is also beautiful and sometimes, we just need someone to love us. This one's for the love of Becks. Even though I don't get paid.

I love how messy this picture is. It's a messy life and sometimes things don't fall into place. But I hope I can appreciate the beauty of it anyway.

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  1. Quilts made with love for someone we love are the best ones. :-)

  2. I feel like everything you told about the backstory for this quilt is reflected in the design. And it all comes together because in then end, the same happens in life. Well done!