Friday, May 13, 2011

Candy striped

Dipped in Chocolate by Crazy Old Ladies with Winter from Moda 2009 and some Fruitcake stripping for the back. I'd rather call it candy striped.
I made this quilt top in an effort to get through the end of a challenging fifth pregnancy. I hated working with the colors from Winter. I did not love it. I pieced the center and put it away. My baby was born and a few months later, I pulled it out to finish it for Christmas. I gave it to my brother and his new wife who live so far away. He lightly gushed to my mom about it months later, and I recently saw a photo from their home and there folded on a rocker was my quilt. I love how it turned out. It is filled with flaws, but I nearly cry every time I see it. It's stitches are filled with difficulty and love. Pregnancy, a baby, and a brother. Life is difficult. I hated the fabric, but love the result. It is an allegory of sorts, I suppose.

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