Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Quilts, better free motion

My boy had a birthday.  Months before he accompanied me to a quilt shop where we saw a Lorax Quilt.  He requested one, and I was able to oblige.  After figuring and piecing, I learned some new skills in free motion and I like it.
 Of course, all blankets must have fuzzy backs. According to my now 4 year old, it is the only option.

Then there was my angry quilt. It all started two years ago with the apricot fabrics. Then in anger, I purchased the brown. It was supposed to be a color scheme to calm, but brought nothing except frustration for so long.  It sat for many moons as a pieced top, which has now been pushed to the back.

  When I saw this striped fabric I knew it was perfect for my angry quilt, but alas, I thought I was ordering yards when it was actually half yards. So I had to piece the back which has now officially become the top.

 But I love the free motion I did on it. The flowers are perfect in all their imperfections.

 It is no longer the angry quilt. It is my quilt. The only one I've ever made and kept. I wrap it around me and feel a little calmer, a little happier, a little more comforted.

It was a good summer for quilts and free motion and finishing something which will not be undone.