Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quilt festival

Every baby needs something cozy.  My sister-in-law loved blue and gray for her baby boy who was due soon.
 Since they live near and love the Atlantic Ocean, I had to indulge their love of the sea.
 My super talented husband drew me some whales and sharks. After transferring them to fabric, I use Steam-a-Seam for some simple applique.
 I love the mom and baby whales. They were darling.

 And the shark made me giggle.

Thanks for checking in from Amy's Quilt Festival.

Stitches and markers

Thanks for coming over from Amy's Quilt Festival

My little girl loves to throw the fabric around. But one day, rather than throw, she carried a piece around with her and made it hers. It was the pink and yellow flowers with a white background from Moda's Sunkissed line a few years ago.  It had to be hers. Instead of doing something simple, I made a quilt with more detail than I've ever done before.

 It reads better than I imagined.

 It turned out darling. The morning after I finished it, I put the quilt on the floor for her to see and she promptly drew on it with marker.
 I can love it all I want and spend enormous amounts of time on bias strips, applique, and quilting. But it is still just a quilt to loved and abused by a little girl who may never know how much love there is in each stitch.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seeing spots

Here is one I loved and needed a great reason to make. An eight year old boy was reason enough. It was inspired by Melinda

I used single sided fusible webbing to sew the circles inverted, then slit the interfacing and flipped the circles right side out.  

Arranging and re-arranging, once the circles had a basic place, they were ironed and the quilting began. It was more than 40 hours of pebble quilting and one burned out machine.

Half way through, my machine died. DIED. After searching, I found an amazing, AMAZING deal on a Janome Skyline. And I loved it. I'm either a better stitcher after the search, or the machine is amazing. I'm siding with the machine.

And because sometimes the back is just as cool as the front.


We often wish for something. I wish I had taken better pictures before shipping this quilt across the country.
It was inspired by this picture and created for a woman who loves the earth tones.  Since the original was unfinished. We had to get creative.
I ended up treating it like a free-motion sampler. Thanks to Leah Day for some great ideas.

I am actually super proud of this quilt. Most of it worked out well, and it's the only binding I've ever done by hand. I have to say, it's beautiful.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Sam came to me with tears in his eyes because he couldn't fall asleep.  So he climbed into our bed.  Sighed.  Smiled. Dropped off.

Mom.this would be a great picture of eating and drinking.