Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh there's sunshine

Everyone should have a quilt made with absolute love. This one is dedicated to the man in my life. I showed him a couple of my favorite ideas...until he told me he didn't like the patchwork look. He prefers the art quilts. I should have known. He is an artist by trade and hobby. When I asked him what he wanted he told a sun. Yellow, his favorite color.  Angrily I began planning. When I found Toscana by Deborah Edwards for Northcott, I knew it would be okay.  

I didn't have to love it, he did. Honestly, I don't think he really cares, but I did. After four months, I finished the largest quilt I've ever made at 108x120. It's all free-motion. I love detail in the sun.

We call these mini-stars "sparkles." I think I first saw them on something by Leah Day.

This is the best reason to make quilts. My kids love to see it come together. They frequently pull out the graph paper and design something.
I used Kona Ash on the back, but I think I would have loved to use one of the yellow toscanas or a marble yellow.

Even on the gray, I like the texture of the sun.
Even if he really doesn't care, at least it's long enough to cover his more than six feet.


  1. I love it! I'm sure it will grow on him. :-)

  2. That's a huge quilt! The colours in the sun are beautiful and you really nailed the quilting :) I find taking other people's tastes into account the hardest part of making gift quilts, compromising my own taste in the process - it's an interesting experience. None of us see the same thing the same way! I hope the man in your life gets a lot of use out of his quilt :)

  3. This is so creative and I love what you did around the edges!