Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seeing spots

Here is one I loved and needed a great reason to make. An eight year old boy was reason enough. It was inspired by Melinda

I used single sided fusible webbing to sew the circles inverted, then slit the interfacing and flipped the circles right side out.  

Arranging and re-arranging, once the circles had a basic place, they were ironed and the quilting began. It was more than 40 hours of pebble quilting and one burned out machine.

Half way through, my machine died. DIED. After searching, I found an amazing, AMAZING deal on a Janome Skyline. And I loved it. I'm either a better stitcher after the search, or the machine is amazing. I'm siding with the machine.

And because sometimes the back is just as cool as the front.


  1. I so love circles, and the placement is terrific. I love this quilt. Great work.

  2. Fantastic quilt! I love how you have gradated the color of the circles, and the quilted bubbles is perfect for this quilt. Absolutely love this!

  3. Fresh! I like how the quilting varies in density too!

  4. This is terrific! Glad you found a deal on a new machine. The quilting is awesome, and it's not just the machine; clearly you two have bonded. :-)