Sunday, November 2, 2014

On Staying at Home.

Dear Mr. President,

I left the "work force" willingly more than 12 years ago. As the mother of six young children, I take pride in my choice to raise them. I chose to bear them, love them, and fill their minds with truth. I chose to teach them to read. I chose to teach them to think and work. I chose to be their mother.

I am not concerned about the money I will or will not earn in the future. I am currently employed running the highest-quality daycare available. I am paid in hugs, trust, memories, and emotional security, their security. Money I may earn in the future will not buy the security of mom's presence now.  So while I will try to thank you for your concern, would you please refrain from condemning my conscious choice to be a full-time, day and night, everyday of the year, stay-at-home mom?

If you really want to help, pay dad more for his 80 hour work week.


Happy to be here when they need me

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