Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pieces, me not the fabric

I am ready to throw in the towel. I hate the process of sewing. I can't sew a straight line or follow a pattern. Here is a quilt top featuring a pattern from Quilting in the Rain, except hers is super cute.

It received horrible reviews. "It looks like Halloween." "It's not Halloween. Just some bizarre clown."
Then there is this top. It is small. I used a jelly roll and still can't make it work. There was no pattern here except the one in my head.
I made 2 inch pinwheel blocks and thought of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Actually, there are some guys called The Piano Guys who recorded a rendition I like a little more than the original.

I actually like how this one turned out. But I still couldn't line it up exactly as I had planned. Neither quilt is finished, and with this motivation, they never will be. Boy. That's depressing. I need help. Who is the best teacher? I really need to not hate this because I usually like projects when they are finished. I just don't want it to feel like I am mucking out a stall.


  1. Who gave such reviews? I like both of those blankets! Especially the "rolling in the deep" one. I like the waves.

    1. Seth and Becky of course. I like the rolling in the deep too.