Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I created in 2010 (and a little of 2011)

A Christmas setting. The fireplace is card board painted with tempura paint and a sponge. The fire is scraps of paper.
Two nightgowns, to the floor, make my girls look like angels. Flannel backed Satin.
One birthday dress, dancewear lined with a thick polyester purple.

Jello birthday cake with marshmallows, requested by 7 year old.
Play dough people with my boys.
Dipped in Chocolate pattern by Crazy Old Ladies. The piecing is Winter from 2008, backed by Moda's Fruitcake Striping. Made 2010
All JoAnn's fabric, All from my brain. Made for my 91 year old Grandma's birthday. Piecing the tree took the longest. A two day process in all. I love this one. The quilting is my first real attempt at free motion. It mimics the swirl of wind. October 2010

I make great cakes when I try. These were just pretty. The white was layered with caramel and had pistachio pudding and white chocolate chips mixed into the batter. The chocolate had MORE caramel in the center and I think I added chocolate chips too. The white was more popular.

A homegrown band in my livingroom. My house is rarely quiet, but it is a fun-loving atmosphere.
Birthday dress 2
Lego cake.

Two fairy costumes, sans wings, made during the summer before the baby was born. Both are book characters, Holly the Christmas Fairy and Willow the Tree Fairy. My girls hand me books and from the drawings, we make costumes.


  1. This was fun to peek at! Nice to see some of your accomplishments in one place! Hey, where's the picture of Adam? :)

  2. you know....you have a beautiful family!!!