Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Front door flora

The Verbena/Lantana mix is doing surprisingly well considering the lack of water and attention. The lawn is half dead and the weedy vines were closing in, but these three little plants are thriving.Peach Verbena, Pink Verbena: "They can be grown as annuals in cold climates; they are tolerant of drought and are especially suitable for growing in hot, desert climates. Grow these plants in fertile, well-drained soil that is moist to on the dry side, in a sunny location."

Rainbow Lantana (actually flowerless in the photo from tonight, but budding): Recommend cool temps with lots of water.

I have no idea how the lantana is alive. It's been hot and unwatered. I planted the three plants in the same whole. The flower bunches are about the same size, and the colors when intermingled are cheerful. I love the peach with the pink. The lantana is pink to yellow and coordinates nicely. They are crawling plants, but I am trying to train them upward. I would mind if they filled the entire space next to the front door.

I can even take infrared pictures with my camera. Both photos were taken tonight.

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  1. It looks like we're both in landscaping mode. Last night, I'd never heard of these. But as I was going through a landscaping book, I read they made a good ground cover and I'm thinking about using them in my rock gardens!