Friday, June 12, 2009

Termites, Nemotodes, and Strawberries

Fine in a garden. They really only eat wood. It is a short distance to a house or a shed though. Be sure to remove that old wood behind the shed. Treat it, the shed, and protect the house and fence. Otherwise, maybe they'll be helpful in breaking down the 5 inches of woodchips unwittingly dumped in a garden. Woodchip does not equal healthy garden yet. Not to me anyway.

Nemotodes kill termites, though not a colony. Colonies are near impossible to eliminate. Funny. Nemotodes kill strawberry plants too.
Some symptoms can include red leaf and black root. I have a few plants with red leaves, but the leaves sit directly on the ground and are often covered by dirt during watering. Lack of nitrogen can be a culprit, however, it cannot be treated once blossoming without affecting the crop.


  1. You can use cedar bark...I hear those nasty littl bugs don't like it much.

  2. It is urgent to know how to control termites for getting rid of them. Proper knowledge and expertise is must for controlling those devils.

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